Some people call this an English Butterfly, I couldn't say why. Notice the black patches around the eyes! Some of these rabbits will also have black ears and black spots. This rabbit is actually a black rabbit, but let me explain. When the white

The old Dutch Rabbit - Black with white markings.

Also called Tan, Biscuit, Caramel.

Yes, this is the all black rabbit. Blue eyes as well.

"All Sorts" is what we call rabbits that you cannot say is a specific line. They make very good pets. What usually happens is we have people that order rabbits and ask us to mix one rabbit with another (2 different lines). This is usually

Grey and Brown. Stunning!

It is very difficult to see the difference between a Silver Fox and Silver in only the first few weeks. It is important to know the specifications of the parents.

Wow an amazing rabbit. Look at the black ears, black nose, black paws and a black tail...all on a white body.

The colour is really amazing. Four different colours on each shaft of hair!
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