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The story of Gimpy and why adopting a bunny can be good for you...and the bunny - 2016-08-13

  Gimpy is our six month old rabbit. Life Lessons from a disabled Dwarf Bunny aka The story of Gimpy We named him Gimpy after Nemo’s fin who Marlin (Nemo’s dad) calls gimpy “He's small and orange, he has a gimpy fin on one side” . Funny enough Marlin also calls it Nemo’s lucky fin. Now ba... more

Grooming your Rabbit - 2016-08-13

Rabbits change their coats (moult) between seasons to accommodate weather changes. Moulting happens in spring (August/September) and autumn (March/April). Rabbits generally groom themselves or each other – lone rabbits take a bit of strain sometimes though. As flexible as rabbits are, they can’t reach every spot, and if the rabbit is a ... more

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