Dwarf rabbits, or dwarfies as we sometimes call them, make really good pets. Dwarf rabbits are my pets, my hobby and also my business. From the first time when I got my first dwarf rabbit in 2003 until today I enjoy them all the time. They are intellegent, hypoallergenic (you don't get allergies from these pets) and noiseless. You can teach rabbits to do tricks, keep as companions or they can be your child's first friend.

My parents helped me start my business when I was 3 years old. Those days one of my two female rabbits turned out to be a boy. So I suddenly had a boy called 'Lovey'...and a litter of new babbits... (yes that was my 3 year old word for baby rabbits). My mom and dad says the best business to have is one which is fun because then it will never feel like work.

Another thing my mom and dad taught me was that that I needed to have a dream. My dream at 4 years old was to go to 'Disney World' and see my favourite character, Goofy. Well it took me 7 years of breeding and selling to afford that trip and in 2011 I finally got to go. The first day at Disney Orlando was amazing. The next day was AWESOME!  and then it just kept getting better from there. 

The next lesson my dad tells me is to have another goal. My mom, I think, says the same thing when she say's I must 'keep having dreams a size too big so that you can grow into your dreams'. In early 2013 I started Business Economics at school and then I learnt about the second greatest force in the world, 'compound interest' [we all know that love is the greatest no matter what Einstein says]. My new dream is to become financially independant. Some of you may think 'ye right!' but that's what most people thought about my trip to Disney. I truly believe that I can do anything I set my mind to and sure I will have other goals in between, but I am going to enjoy every minute of this one with my dwarffies.   

The Teen Entrepreneur

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